3 Men and a Body by Stephanie Bond is the third book in the “Body Movers” mystery series. Publisher: Mira (Harlequin), January 2009

Carlotta Wren desperately needs a vacation from her life. So when hunky Cooper Craft invites her to ride with him to Florida for some fun in the sun and a VIP body pickup, it seems like the opportunity she’s been waiting for.
Until her brother Wesley, eluding an irate loan shark, tags along to play chaperone…

Until they arrive to pick up their VIP body and are greeted by three different men—each one laying claim to the celebutante they’ve been hired to move…

And until Carlotta realizes that someone is very determined that they don’t make it back to Atlanta with their famous cargo intact!

I enjoyed this book where Carlotta Wren searches for the truth about her parents abandonment of their family.

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