Working Stiff by Tori Carrington is the fourth book in the “Sofie Metropolis” mystery series. Publisher: Forge Books, September 2008

Sofie Metropolis’s PI business is so successful at finding missing spouses and lost pets and at proving insurance fraud that she’s hired new staff, including her (formerly) layabout cousin.

There are two men in Sofie’s life: sexy Greek baker Dino, who found a place in her heart—and bed—in Foul Play, and man-of-mystery Jake Porter, whose Australian accent is guaranteed to turn Sofie’s knees to water.

The week before Halloween, a body disappears from Sofie’s Aunt’s funeral home. It might be a holiday prank, but Sofie’s barely begun to investigate when she’s handed a truly hot case: prove the innocence of someone already on trial for murder!

Sofie Metropolis who works for her uncle as a PI. In this caper, a young man who is in jail for the murder of his girlfriend asks Sofie to help solve the murder before the trial begins. I enjoyed this story although I did feel sad when her relationships went kaput.

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