Crosscut by Meg Gardiner is the fourth book in the “Evan Delaney” thriller series. Publisher: Signet, September 2008

Evan Delaney knew China Lake was a tough place to grow up. But she never knew how tough until now—she returns to the desert military base for her high school reunion, and learns that a number of her classmates have died young. Then, on the first night of the reunion, another one dies— this one savagely butchered. And she’s just the first. Someone has an axe to grind—and Evan’s graduating class has something to fear.

OMG this book was awesome. This is the best one yet. Evan is attending her 20th high school reunion when it’s discovered that many of her classmates have died. An incident that happened when on a field trip threatens the life of the remaining classmates, especially Evan when she discovers that her father in somehow involved. There was mystery, murders, comedy and intrigued and it was pulled together fabulously. A great read.

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