Always Look Twice by Geralyn Dawson is the third book in the “Callahan Brothers” series.  Publisher: Signet, September 2008

When ex-Military Intelligence officer Mark Callahan discovers that someone is murdering members of his former unit, he must join forces with the only team member more dangerous than himself—his estranged wife, Annabelle Monroe.

A private investigator, Annabelle would rather trade in her gun for a slingshot than partner with Mark. But she can’t deny her old loyalties—or the sudden threat to their safety. So together, she and Mark will follow the bloody trail of a killer, only to come face-to- face with betrayal—and an overpowering desire…

This book focuses our hero Mark Callahan and Annabelle Monroe, two strong-willed security experts who  band together because someone is trying to kill members of their unit, The Fixers. While they fight to remain alive, they also fight for their relationship to survive by dealing with the past and their future.  I enjoyed this romantic suspense tale and can’t wait for the next book in this series.

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