Kill Chain by Meg Gardiner is the fifth book in the “Evan Delaney” thriller series. Publisher: Signet, October 2008

When Evan Delaney finds her father’s car at the bottom of a ravine, the police suspect suicide—but there’s no body. Evan’s suspicions of something sinister are confirmed when she receives a call from her father’s kidnappers. The ransom isn’t money, but more of a puzzle—one that Evan has only 72 hours to piece together, as she follows a madman’s trail into the very heart of darkness.

Someone has kidnapped Evan’s dad and in order to save him, the kidnappers want an item and Evan has to go to several countries to get the clues to finding him. Along the way, Evan discovers a secret that impacts her family.  All I have is one word for this book: Explosive! This was a thrilling ride that I didn’t want to come off.  Another great book by Meg.

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