Shot Girl by Karen E. Olson is the fourth and final book in the “Annie Seymour” mystery series. Publisher: Signet, November 2008

New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour has a talent for running into trouble. So it should come as no surprise when her co-worker’s bachelorette party at a local club quickly turns into a crime scene. What is surprising is that the dead club manager in the parking lot happens to be Annie’s ex-husband—and the bullet shells around his body match the gun she has in her car…

Once again, murder find Annie and this time it is her ex-husband, Ralph, who she hasn’t seen in 15 years. Because she is a crime beat newspaper journalist, she immediately wants to pursue this story but her boss has other ideas, so Annie starts investigating on her own. Annie soon learns that her ex was stalking and talking photos of her and connects the hang-ups to him and that her mother is involved in this as well. Now Annie is in danger because someone thinks that Annie knows something despite not knowing. The gang is all here and Annie, Vinny and Tom will gather the clues to find her ex’s killer. This was a good finale to a great series.

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