Too Far Gone by Marliss Melton is the sixth book in the “Navy Seals” romantic suspense series.  Publisher: Forever, November 2008

Ellie Stuart’s life ended the day her children were stolen from her. Driving on a Virginia backroad, Ellie was ambushed by two men who violently pulled her from her car and drove off with her three sons inside. Devastated, Ellie begs the police to bring her babies home. But the authorities wonder if this stressed-out single mom may not be telling the whole truth about what happened that day…

Navy SEAL Sean Harlan agrees to help Ellie find her children, but vows to keep their relationship professional. He’s got no room in his life for a woman and her kids–no matter how beautiful she is, or how desperate their situation. But when a sinister organization begins pulling strings behind the scenes, the investigation suddenly targets Sean. Can he and Ellie rescue her children and save themselves? Or are they already…TOO FAR GONE

Ellie Stuart is raising three sons on her own with assistance from her landlord Navy SEAL Sean Harlan.  Her three sons are kidnapped from her arms and with the assistance of Sean; they set out to get her sons back.  Someone within a secret club is framing Ellie and Sean for the kidnapping and it takes all that they know to rescue her sons.  I enjoyed this story and hope to see the two secondary characters have their own story.

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