Accessory To Murder by Elaine Viets is the third book in the “Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Signet, November 2007

Someone has killed Halley Hardwicke, the hot young designer of thousand-dollar Italian silk scarves, in the mall parking lot-and police have their eye on Jake, the husband of Josie’s best friend Alyce. The couple lived near the wrap maven, but it seems Halley and Jake were a little too neighborly.

So Josie decides to do what she does best to help out her friend-go undercover and see if she can find some clues. Because this time, there’s a lot more at stake than a scarf, even if it’s to die for…

In this case, Josie’s best friend, Alyce’s husband is accused of murdering a designer who he is accused of having an affair with.  Alyce who believes her husband is innocent, begs Josie to find out the truth about who murdered the designer and is setting him up.  Alyce learns that her husband is not the perfect man and Josie almost dies proving his innocence.  This was another good story in this series.

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