Cold Hearted by Beverly Barton is the 5th book in the “Powell Detective Agency” romantic suspense series. Publisher: Zebra (Kensington), September 2008

They all loved her. That was their mistake. Two husbands, her college fiancé, an influential boss—every man who gets close to Jordan Price is made to pay in blood. And the list is growing….

The more investigator Rick Carson delves into the string of deaths from which Jordan has profited handsomely, the more convinced he becomes that he is dealing with a cunning, Cold Hearted, unstoppable killer.

Rick Carson, private investigators for the Powell Agency, is hired to solve the murder of Senator Dan Price. After his initial meeting with his widow Jordan Price who he finds as cold and then discovering that she has buried lovers and husbands, Rick suspects Jordan is a black widow. Despite his attraction to her, he continues to investigate and if he doesn’t find the killer, Jordan will be next. This was an enjoyable read. [3 stars – liked it]

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