Find Me by Debra Webb. Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks, December 2008

Investigative reporter Sarah Newton debunks supernatural myths, and forces the truth to light whether people want to hear it or not. Now, with a popular teenager found tortured and murdered—and another girl missing—Sarah’s out to prove it’s not the work of an ancient curse, but a cold blooded killer. She’ll expose one Maine village’s darkest secrets …while keeping the truth about her own past hidden from view.

As Youngstown’s newest councilman, Kale Conner’s unofficial job is to minimize the bad publicity from Sarah’s stories and, if possible, to keep her in line. But with time running out, and his own family at stake, Kale’s finding his neighbors’ terrible deeds might be too deadly to sweep under the rug…and he and Sarah are headed toward a heated endgame with only one shocking way out…

This is a romantic suspense story about NYC investigative reporter Sarah Newton who arrives in Youngstown to seek the truth in who’s kidnapping and murdering teenagers, a case that is similar to what happened twenty years ago.  No one wants her there including Kale Conner, the newest councilman whose main job is to escort Sarah around town.  Everyone has secrets and it appears this town is full of it including Sarah whose past led to the job she’s doing now.  Kale’s proclamation that he knows everyone in town and they wouldn’t do this horrendous crime is broken when his sister is missing and now he fears that someone he knows and trusts is behind this serial killing.  Sarah becomes the next victim but escapes from her dungeon where clues lead to one of the resident.  Sarah doesn’t believe he’s the killer and when her life is threatened once more then her theory proves true.  This was an enjoyable ride with all the red herrings and twists and turns that I was sorry to see it end.  The ending made you think.  [4 stars – really liked it]

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