Paper, Scissors, Death by Joanna Campbell Slan is the first book in the new “Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft” mystery series.  Publisher: Midnight Ink, September 2008

Every scrapbook tells a story. Memories of friends, family . . .and murder?

Mousy housewife Kiki Lowenstein has two great loves: scrapbooking and her young daughter, Anya. But her happy family album is ruined when her husband, George, is found naked and dead in a hotel room. As Kiki tracks down George’s murderer, she discovers his sordid secret life.

Cruel taunts by George’s former flame compel Kiki to spout an unwise threat. When the woman is murdered, Kiki’s scissor-sharp words make her the prime suspect. She could be creating scrapbook keepsakes for the rest of her life-behind bars. Supported by her loyal friends, along with a little help (and a lot of stomach flutters) from the dashing Detective Detweiler, can Kiki cut the true killer out of the picture and design a new life for herself and Anya?

Kiki Lowenstein is a housewife and the mother of an 11 year old and enjoys scrapbooking.  She is puzzled by her husband’s sudden death of a heart attack when just six months ago, he got a clean bill of health from his doctor.  She convinces the detective handling the case that something is amiss. Later her marriage is shattered when she learns that her husband was having an on-going affair and made his daughter keep the secret from her.  Kiki is arrested for murdering his mistress, her home is burglarized twice, her mother-in-law takes custody of her daughter and she is kidnapped.  With the help of her friends and especially detective Chad Detweiler, a murderer is exposed.  I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more about Kiki and the budding relationship with the detective.  [3 stars – liked it]

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