Pitch Black by Leslie Parrish is the second book in the “Black CATs” romantic suspense trilogy series.  Publisher: Signet Eclipse (Penguin), August 2009

A group of elite FBI special agents has been brought together to form the Cyber Action Team, aka CAT–and they have one mission: to solve Internet-related murders.

Former profiler Alec Lambert would give anything to catch The Professor, a serial killer who lures his victims with Internet scams. Now working with the Black CATs, Alec finally has his chance.

When two teen boys are lured to a cruel, icy death, Alec teams up with reclusive scam expert Samantha Dalton, who may be able to find out where the madman will strike next.  Despite Alec’s intense attraction to Sam, he’s fiercely determined to keep their relationship professional.  As they draw ever closer to discovering the Professor’s identity and stopping his murderous rampage, they realize Sam is the psychotic killer’s next obsession.  And possibly his next target.

This is a great read with lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing. Alec is after an elusive predator who preys on people he feels are not worthy of living on this earth.  With Sam helps they strive to capture him before another person is hurt, particularly Sam.  I enjoyed the mystery and love seeing Alec and Sam’s romance grow as the story progress.  My rating: 4 stars

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