Makeovers Can Be Murder by Kathryn Lilley is the third book in the “Fat City” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Signet, September 2009

Plus-size reporter Kate Gallagher is facing the ultimate challenge: She has to bare her belly while wearing a bikini on-camera for an upcoming assignment about weight loss scams. Sticking to her diet won’t be easy-especially since her love life is the only thing that’s wasting away.

While meeting with the Newbodies, a women’s support group, Kate learns that she’s not alone-her friend Jana confides that her marriage is in trouble. When Jana turns up dead, Kate’s suspicions immediately fall on the husband. But that’s before she finds out that Jana wasn’t the first Newbody to meet a violent death. Apparently a killer has an appetite for curvy victims and Kate may be next.

Well, chasing a murderer is one way to trim down.

Why does Kate get all the assignments that involves weight issues; this time it is a weight loss series. When Kate’s friend is dead as a victim of a car-jacking and then discovers that another members of the group was killed, Kate put two and two together and starts to investigate. This was a fun and enjoyable read. My rating: 4 stars

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