Last Chance by Sarita Leone. Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, September 2009

Young widow Laura Perkins learned the hard way that life in the rugged frontier isn’t all sunshine and roses. She never planned to find herself alone in a land where gunshots and hangings are commonplace. But planned or not, that’s exactly what happens to her and, short of turning tail and fleeing, she’ll have to learn to live with her circumstances—one way or another.

When a handsome stranger saunters into Granite Creek, life takes a drastic turn. Laura and Chance are as different as night from day, but she still finds herself intrigued by the man.

And Chance? He’s as drawn to Laura as a moth to a flame. Too bad that moth has a trail of mystery—and murder—hot on his trail.

I’m not a fan of historical fiction, but once I put that aside, I really enjoyed this story. Laura remained in Granite Creek instead of going back to Boston after her husband died. With her sister joining her, she lived her life grieving her loss until the day she meets Chance. The pull is so strong for both of them, it was inevitable that a relationship would soon develop. This was a very heartwarming story with snippets of a murder mystery and a secondary romance. This is a quick read that you’ll find enjoyable. My rating: 4.5 stars

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