Heir of the Dog by Judi McCoy is the second book in the “Dog Walker” mystery series. Publisher: Signet, October 2009

Professional dog walker Ellie Engleman is more than just a pal to her pooches–she can also read their minds. So when a fellow dog lover turns up dead, Ellie makes no bones about using her talents to track down her friend’s killer.

Strolling through Central Park with Rudy, her terrier mix, Ellie is shocked to find the corpse of a troubled but harmless park dweller she often met while walking Rudy. When the police arrive and question Ellie, she stumbles over her story–and finds herself the prime suspect. Fortunately she has onetime fling Detective Sam Ryder in her corner.

But the police investigation is the least of Ellie’s worries. Because it turns out that Ellie’s pup, Rudy, is the victim’s sole beneficiary–and he has inherited a key to a safety-deposit box whose contents just might point to both the motive and the murderer. Together, Ellie, Rudy, and Sam must sniff out the killer, or they won’t have a dog’s chance of surviving.

What a great book. When Rudy discovers the body of their homeless friend, Gary; Ellie learns that they are in the will and it’s not just bones that they have inherited and yet again, Ellie becomes the prime suspect. A note was left with the will indicating his brother of murdering him. With help from Sam and her canine friend, Ellie seeks the clues to clear her name and find the killer of her friend Gary. My rating: 4 stars

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