Reckless by Andrew Gross is the third book in the series featuring “Detective Lieutenant Ty Hauck” who works for the Greenwich, CT police department. Publisher: William Morrow, April 2010

Ty Hauck is shattered by the news. A close friend from his past, along with her husband and daughter, has been brutally murdered in her home by vicious intruders. Now he will risk everything he loves to avenge her death.

A wealthy banker, seeing his world about to crumble around him, knows his family is in unfathomable danger.

A U.S. government agent watches the sudden bank transfers of millions in cash and suspects that this is the first step in a plot to unleash a wave of global panic.

Ty Hauck hunts the murderer of a friend—and steps into the crosshairs of a sinister conspiracy—in this most electrifying novel yet from New York Times bestselling thriller master Andrew Gross.

Private security investigator Ty Hauck, with Naomi Blum, a tenacious agent from the U.S. Department of Treasury, unravels the evidence that joins these seemingly unrelated events—revealing a reckless scheme that stretches from New York to London to central Europe and gives new meaning to the phrase “too big to fail.” What began with a tragedy that opened a door to Hauck’s past—a door that he thought was long closed—ends with a frantic race to avert a disaster that could shake the very security of our country—and even the world.

What a ride that never stopped even for the bumps. Ty, no longer a cop, decides to look into his friend and her family who were murdered. When the case that Ty is working on appears to be connected with his friend’s death, Ty will stop at nothing to avenge her death. Another good book that I couldn’t put down. My rating: 4.5 stars

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