Dead Docket by Mitchell Graham is the second book in the legal-thriller series featuring Katherine Adams and John Delaney. Publisher: Forge Books, April 2010

When the daughter of a family friend is killed in a horrific accident in Atlanta, John Delaney, a streetwise ex-NYPD detective turned lawyer, volunteers to settle her affairs. He soon discovers that sordid events in the dead woman’s recent past and facts surrounding her death suggest foul play. John enlists the help of his girlfriend, hotshot Atlanta attorney Katherine Adams, to help uncover what really happened.

Katherine once survived a serial killer’s rampage. She may not be so lucky a second time. As she engages in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a killer who will stop at nothing to protect himself, Katherine will have to tap into those dreadful, long-suppressed memories in order to save herself and those she loves.

This was a great read and thrilling ride. When John travels to Atlanta to settle the estate of a friend’s daughter, little did he know he and Katherine would become involved in a conspiracy and murder. I really enjoyed this story and hope the author continues this series. My rating: 4 stars

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