Final Cut by Kay Finch is the second book in the “Corie McKenna” mystery series. Publisher: Top Publications, July 2010

Houston PI Corie McKenna knows how nasty divorces can get, but even Corie is caught off-guard when her latest investigation requires the feuding spouses to decide who will lay claim to murder. As Corie investigates a philandering husband and a murder at his wife’s swanky spa, Serenity in the City, one victim leads to another. When the husband vanishes with more than his share of the community property, Corie becomes a target herself. More than a marriage will die unless Corie can identify the greedy, vicious killer before it’s too late.

Serving subpoenas was part of the job, but finding a body or two, I think not. When her client demands she finds her soon-to-be divorced husband, Corie’s days are spent gathering clues, while juggling her blossoming relationship and her mother’s gala event. When another body is discovered, Corie has to use all her grit and determination to solve this crime before she too becomes a victim. There were a couple of twist and turns that I did not see coming; good job by the author. This was a fast-paced and page-turning read that kept my attention until the end. I can’t wait for the next adventures with Corie and the gang. My rating: 4 stars

*new-to-me author

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