False Impressions by Terri Thayer is the third book in the “Stamping Sisters” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), August 2010

Back in her hometown of Aldenville, Pennsylvania, April Buchert is creating a new life for herself as a professional rubber stamper and restoration expert. She’s also joined the Stamping Sisters, a group of craft-loving women who leave their mark on the world by stamping cards—and stamping out murder.

The Ice Festival cometh, and April is struggling to dream up a winter wonderland of stamp designs in time for the annual event. She’s been preoccupied with the scandal surround the death of Mary Lou Rosen’s brother—a scandal none of the Stamping Sisters are willing to discuss.

But April discovers that Mary Lou’s brother faked his death and has been hiding out from the law. He returned to Aldenville to re-establish family ties, only to die for real in a tragic car accident—that was not an accident at all. The killer must be stopped, and Mary Lou needs to be convinced of her brother’s good intentions—if not, it will be one cold and long winter for April.

It all started when a long-lost relative who is assumed dead, reappears and is later found wounded in a ditch and then really dies due to his injury. When it is discovered that he was shot, Kit asks April to investigate the murder of her beloved uncle. This was a very good mystery filled with suspense, intrigue, revelations and a sense of settlement for April that kept me turning the pages. I love escaping with April and the gang as we see the community coming together when need be. Again, a great story that you can put your stamp on. My rating: 4 stars

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