A Bad Day’s Work by Nora McFarland is the first book in the new “Lilly Hawkins” mystery series. Publisher: Touchstone (Simon & Schuster), August 2010

Lilly Hawkins is having one of those days. The last thing she needs is a murder to solve.

Nothing seems to be going Lilly’s way. A TV news photographer at her hometown television station, she’s one of the hardest working “shooters” there, but her pit-bull personality and a series of unlucky blunders have put her job in jeopardy.

So when an urgent story breaks in the middle of the night, Lilly is determined to turn her bad luck around and get the respect she deserves. But the pressure is on; either she delivers amazing video or she’s fired. After busting her butt and dodging the cops, Lilly has what could be the biggest scoop of her career—exclusive video of a murder scene. Or does she have it? Lilly is stunned when the tape played in front of the entire newsroom is nothing but dead air.

Soon she’s on the run from criminals and police, both of whom claim Lilly’s video is the key to solving the murder and think she pocketed the real tape. Can she escape her pursuers long enough to catch the killer, or will she end the day as the next victim?

Lilly’s bad day just keeps getting worse, but the one thing she knows for sure is that she’d like to live to see more of them.

Lilly gets called out to a capture a crime scene and little did she know that her life would be threatened and she would be running from the law. Along the way, Lilly has a murder mystery to solve while clearing her name and she gets help from an unlikely source. This was a fast-paced, action-filled and humorous story that kept you turning the pages quickly so you could see the next scene. A great debut novel by the author. My rating: 5 stars

*new-to-me author

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