Scoop to Kill by Wendy Lyn Watson is the second book in the “A La Mode” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian (Penguin), September 2010

Tallulah Jones may be the proprietor of Dalliance, Texas’s old-fashioned ice-cream parlor, but she’s no stranger to cold-blooded murder.

No one is more shocked than Tally when the local college serves up a double dip of death. During the annual Honor’s Day festivities, Tally’s niece Alice stumbles upon the body of a graduate student. Suspicion falls on the English professor he accused of sexual harassment, but a couple days later, she’s found dead too.

Tally steps out from behind the counter of Remember the Ala-mode to clear the professor’s name. But in an English department sprinkled with failing students, cutthroat academics, and extramarital affairs, the list of suspects rivals A-la-mode’s choice of flavors. Then Alice is nearly run down by a sinister SUV, and Tally realizes she must act fast before her beloved niece gets put on ice.

When Alice finds the body of a graduate student and then the prime suspect is later found dead, Tally’s concern for her niece grows. Determined to stop anyone from targeting Alice, Tally heads back to college and gets a tantalizing look at the world of academia. With help from family and friends, Tally scoops out clues to find the killer before they become a part of the killer’s menu. The quirky characters, the hometown setting, the tease of romance and the great dialogue makes this book delectably entertaining.

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