The Dog Days of Summer in Lottawatah by Evelyn David is the second short story in the “Brianna Sullivan” mystery series. Publisher: Evelyn David, October, 2010

Brianna, still in Lottawattah, Oklahoma, is now being pestered by the ghostly ex-girlfriend of main squeeze Detective Cooper Jackson. The apparition won’t move away from Cooper and towards the light until Brianna figures out who killed her.

Volume 2 of the series, a novella, finds Brianna selling lake lots for a new resort, attending her boyfriend’s high school class reunion where the guests aren’t all of this world, and tracking down a killer (or two). The Dog Days of Summer in Lottawatah has a mystery to die for, characters you’ll love, and sparkling dialogue that will make you laugh out loud. Who knew ghosts could have such a good sense of humor?

Brianna has temporarily settled in Lottawattah to be near Cooper when his dead ex-girlfriend appears. Looks like her death is associated with Cooper’s high school reunion and when a present-day murder occurs, secrets are exposed and justice is sought. I enjoyed this short story with its lively ghosts that only Brianna sees and tries to help them go toward the light. The dialogue is fun and entertaining and I look forward to the next novella featuring Brianna. My rating: 4 stars

Evelyn David is the pseudonym for Marian Edelman Borden and Rhonda Dossett.

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