An Uplifting Murder by Elaine Viets is the 6th book in the “Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian (Penguin), November 2010

Mystery shopper and mom Josie Marcus knows how to keep a low profile in style. On her newest assignment, her former teacher—now working in a lingerie shop—is in need of some serious support.

When Josie is assigned to a mystery-shop a chain of lingerie stores, she’s surprised to find her former high school gym teacher, Mrs. Hayes, working as a manger and self-appointed “C-cup counselor.” But that’s nothing compared to the shock of finding another high school acquaintance murdered in a restroom near the shop, her hands bound with the bra she just purchased.

Mrs. Hayes quickly becomes the prime suspect. A secret from her past that she’s been reluctant to get off her chest could be a motive for murder—and her alibi is flimsier than the camisoles she sells. But the victim has plenty of enemies, and it’s up to Josie to bust out her sleuthing skills to expose the real killer.

Josie is asked to go topless for her next mystery-shopping assignment and encounters people from her high school years, mainly her gym teacher and one of the mean girls. When Josie find the her body in the bathroom and her gym teacher is arrested for her murder, Josie believing the cops have the wrong murderer, sets out to prove her innocence. Someone doesn’t like Josie asking questions and is threatening her and her family. With assistance from best friend Alyce and hunky boyfriend Ted, Josie will right a wrong. This was a light and fast read that was very entertaining and delightful. My rating: 4 stars

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