Christmas Mourning by Margaret Maron is the 16th book in the “Deborah Knott” mystery series. Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, November 2010

It’s the holiday season in rural North Carolina’s Colleton County. Sheriff Dwight Bryant and his wife, Judge Deborah Knott, have propped his traditional pine tree in the living room. Christmas lights have been hung. Aunt Zell’s famous fruitcake has arrived. Deborah can’t wait to celebrate with Dwight, her stepson Cal and all of her colorful relatives.

Then a tragic car wreck casts a dark cloud over the revelry. A beautiful young cheerleader dies in the crash, and her community is devastated. But Dwight soon learns that the girl’s death wasn’t a simple accident. And more lives may be lost before Christmas Eve unless Deborah and Dwight find the killer—or killers

I look forward to my yearly visit with the Knotts family and this one did not disappoint. Deborah and Dwight are excited this holiday season with this being their first year anniversary as they celebrate it with their family and friends. When a young girl dies from a car crash and two more deaths occur, both Dwight and Deborah begin to suspect these deaths are connected. As they try to solve this intriguing mystery, the holiday is upon us and you can feel the warmth and love everywhere the Knott family and friends gather together. This is one Christmas that Deborah and Dwight will never forget. I always finish this charming and enjoyable read with a smile.

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