Catch Her If You Can by Merline Lovelace is the third book in the “Samantha Spade” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), January 2011

Even a robot dog can sniff out trouble.

When USAF Lieutenant Samantha Spade and her team test a doglike robot for military use, the device leads them to a pickup truck in the parking lot of their local watering hole. The driver comes at them with a gun but is taken out. And then Sam makes a gruesome discovery: three human heads in a cooler in the back of the truck.

Because the dead driver was a contract killer on the FBI’s most wanted list, Sam stands to get a hefty reward. Too bad the technology hasn’t been invented to keep cash-strapped family and friends from sniffing around her—including her shady ex-husband, who’s on the lam from the Mob. But when a pipe-wielding thug attacks Sam, she’s not sure if someone wants her money or her life. All she knows is that accepting the blood money may lead to the spilling of her own.

What a great read. The action-packed, fast-paced story takes you on a ride that you don’t want to get off. Someone is bent on harming Samantha and it takes the skills and knowledge that she learned from her teammates to triumph through the skirmishes she finds herself in. I love everything about this series, the quirky characters, the desert setting, the old town atmosphere and the dialogue. In one sitting I found myself engaged in a fun escapade that is Samantha Spade.

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