Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, There’s a Body in the Car by Fran Rizer is the fourth book in the “Callie Parrish” mystery series. Publisher: Bella Rosa Books, January 2011

When Callie finds a locked car with an unidentified dead man and a poisonous snake inside, she’s busy caring for her sick father and helping with her brothers’ weddings—too busy for any detecting.

Then Mrs. Joyner wants her deceased husband’s fingerprints preserved in gold. Callie takes the prints, and the sheriff discovers Mr. Joyner isn’t the man his wife thought he was.

Two men, both dead from poisoning. Callie vows not to get involved, but when her brother Frankie is poisoned, too, and the sheriff goes missing, it’s up to Callie. She must catch a killer—before she winds up cosmetizing the corpse of someone she loves.

Callie has a lot going on in her life: her BFF is marrying her brother and has not been feeling well; another brother is getting married; one of her boss is sick and Callie is pinching in; and she finds a dead body that has been poisoned. This was a good read.

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