Fade To White by Wendy Clinch is the second book in the “Ski Diva” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, January 2011

“Harper Stone was a whole lot smaller than he looked in the movies, but his ego made up for it.”

Pack your skis, your hot cocoa, and a warm coat, and return to Spruce Peak for FADE TO WHITE, the fast-paced sequel to DOUBLE BLACK.

Hollywood has-been Harper Stone arrives in ski bum/bartender Stacey Curtis’s little Vermont town to shoot a mouthwash commercial, and he’s anything but happy about the downward spiral his career has taken. When the ornery actor turns up dead a few days later—and the last person to see him alive turns out to be Brian Russell, Stacey’s jealous ex-fiancé—things start getting complicated.

Can Stacy keep the situation from careening out of control, or will she end up on the wrong side of the slopes? Hollywood has come to the Green Mountains, and Stacey had better hold on tight.

When a has-been actor is found dead on the mountains, it takes the efforts of the local police and Stacey’s insight to bring the killer to justice and boy I didn’t see that one coming. This was a good read, but I wish there was less of the descriptive words.

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