Choke by Kaye George is the first book in the new “Imogene Duckworthy” mystery series. Publisher: Mainly Murder Press, May 2011

Twenty-two-year-old Imogene Duckworthy is waiting tables at Huey’s Hash to support her toddler daughter in tiny Saltlick, Texas and just itching to become a private eye like the ones she admires on TV. When Huey is found murdered, she gets her chance to solve a real case—but when Immy’s mother, Hortense is hauled in for the crime., the spunky waitress finds herself on the lam from the law.

Imogene’s life goal is to be a detective and when her mother is arrested and jailed for her uncle’s murder, Imogene decides to start her own investigation to clear their names. This quirky and humorous story will have you cheering for Immy as she inadvertently with her actions figures out who-dun-it. With an adorable cast including Imogene, her mother and her precious daughter and amusing dialogue, this pleasantly read story will have you yearning for more adventures with Imogene Duckworthy.

FTC Full Disclosure – The author sent me a copy of this book

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