Murderer Among Us by Marilyn Levinsonn is the first book in the new “Twin Lakes” mystery series. Publisher: Wings ePress, June 2011

Newly retired Lydia Krause moves to the upscale, over-55 community of Twin Lakes, where she publicly exposes the community’s financial advisor, Marshall Weill, as a convicted embezzler. The next morning, Weill’s wife is found dead, mowed down by Lydia’s car . Sexy Lieutenant Detective Sol Molina views Lydia as Suspect Number One, spurring her on to prove her innocence and to find the murderer. Another residents dies, and Lydia barely escapes with her life. As she falls for Sol Molina, copes with one daughter’s adulterous affair and the other’s upcoming wedding, Lydia paves a new life for herself and reveals the murderer among the Twin Lakes’ residents.

We are introduced to Lydia, a recently retired widow who moves to an new community. When she spots someone from her past, she blurts out his misdeed and the next day his wife is found dead, killed by Lydia’s car. Lydia begins an investigation to prove her innocence and someone doesn’t want her to continue as she starts receiving threats. This was a good read and I enjoyed watching Lydia embrace her new life, determined to make the most of it by meeting new friends, starting a new relationship and solving a murder. This was a nicely woven tale.

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