Lip Glock by D. D. Scott is the second book in the “Cozy Cash” mystery series. Publisher: D. D. Scott, August 2011

Hollywood Stylist to The Stars Zoey Witherspoon has stepped it up a bit and is now a Bond Girl-in-the-making. But on her way to establish a Milan office for her international celebrity clientele, she ends up at the wrong end of a Glock. And this isn’t just any Glock. It’s one held to her chest by her future Granny-in-law who also happens to have some big-time Italian Mob issues.

Prince Roman Bellesconi of Italy’s Royal House of Savoy may have brought down Ponzi-scheming King Bernard McCall, but Bernie’s vast hedge-fund fraud rings are still going strong and threaten to ruin Roman’s family’s monarchy.

If Roman and Zoey, along with the help of The Mom Squad and a pot-bellied pig, can’t figure out where all the cozy cash is hidden, Roman’s family may not live long enough to save their monarchy’s reign.

OMG! I never laughed so hard. Lip Glock will have you in stitches as you read page after page in this action-filled tale. With lovable characters, witty dialogue and a great locale, this was an enjoyable read that continues to entertain me.

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