“We’d probably never be friends if it weren’t for Margaret Grace,” Gerry said.

“You mean Ada Madison,” Sophie replied.

Since they had a common friend (whose real name was Camille Minichino) Gerry Porter and Sophie Knowles decided to have lunch together. They chose a neutral spot, a café called Food for Characters, with neither dollhouses nor equations in the décor.

“I doubt we have anything in common besides our creator,” Gerry said, towering over the five-foot-three Sophie. “You teach math in college. I nearly flunked math in high school. I just don’t have a head for it.”

“Are you kidding? Look at all the measuring and scaling you have to do for your miniatures,” Sophie said. “I wish I had your artistic talent. I’m trying to learn to bead better than a fifth-grader. I can’t even make a pretty bracelet for my boyfriend’s niece.”

“You’re the ingenious one,” Gerry said. “Anyone who can make sense out of equations is creative in my book.”

“If you’re so nonmathematical, how come you ordered PI?” Sophie asked.

“And you ordered a mini quiche,” Gerry pointed out.

Both ladies laughed so loudly, heads turned.

At the next table two women scanned their menus, eavesdropping on Gerry and Sophie, who continued to joke and laugh like schoolgirls.

One of women addressed the waiter, pointing to Gerry and Sophie. “I’ll have what they’re having.”
You can read more about Gerry in MONSTER IN MINIATURE, the 5th book in the “Miniature” mystery series and Sophie in THE SQUARE ROOT OF MURDER, the first book in the new “Professor Sophie Knowles” mystery series. The first book in the “Miniature” series is MURDER IN MINIATURE.

Camille Minichino, a retired physicist turned writer, has published 14 mysteries in three series. Her latest is “THE SQUARE ROOT OF MURDER,” as Ada Madison. “MIX-UP IN MINIATURE” by Margaret Grace will be released next spring. Visit Camille at www.minichino.com

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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