When The Spirit Moves You by L.L. Bartlett is the third short story in the “Jeff Resnick” mystery series. Publisher: L.L. Bartlett, November 2011

Jeff Resnick’s curiosity is piqued when he sees a sign advertising psychic readings. At first he’s sure the medium is a fake, but then his funny feelings lead him to suspect that a murder has taken place in the dilapidated house where Madam Zahara holds her readings. Just who died and how? And why is Jeff compelled to look for bodies buried in the medium’s yard?

This story takes place after the Jeff Resnick mystery DEAD IN RED.

A chance stop at a psychic’s place heightens Jeff’s senses and he feels there a story there that needs to be uncovered. With his brother on his side, Jeff is determined to see this through. This was a good read that was suspensefully enticing from the first page to the gratifying conclusion.

L.L. Bartlett is the pseudonym of Lorraine Bartlett who writes the “Victoria Square” mystery series and as Lorna Barrett, the New York Times best-selling “Booktown” mystery series.

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