Back In The Habit by Alice Loweecey is the second book in the “Falcone & Driscoll Investigation” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, February 2012

An undercover job from hell

It’s been over a year since Giulia Falcone fled the convent, and her new case is the stuff of nightmares: she’s going back. Giulia’s former Superior General has hired Driscoll Investigations to confirm that the sudden death of Sister Bridget, a troubled young Novice, was a suicide in order to squelch a lawsuit. Did something drive Sister Bridget to desperation? Or was she murdered? Gathering every ounce of courage to confront her past, Giulia dons the dreaded habit—putting a serious damper on her budding romance with her boss, Frank—and returns to the Motherhouse to investigate. What she uncovers is less than holy.

The unthinkable has happened to Giulia; she’s headed back to the convent as a nun. Luckily, it’s only undercover and the things that goes on behind the convent doors is deeply puzzling to say the least. What a great read. The mysterious elements in this well-crafted and action-packed drama created a wonderful story that I could not put down and pulled me in from the beginning. The tone of the story was very comfortable and the characters very likeable. Our heroine, Giulia, is an interesting character and watching her learn to survive in this new world is fun and I especially liked the internal dialogue that helps her cope with a variety of situations. This is an enjoyable read and I look forward to the next book in this pleasant series.

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