A Done Deal by Jenna Bennett is the fifth book in the “Savannah Martin” mystery series. Publisher: Bente Gallagher, December 2011

Silver bells, silver bells…

It’s Christmas time in Nashville, and all Savannah wants to unwrap on Christmas morning is Rafe. Unfortunately, things don’t look so good. He’s back in town, but not alone: on his arm is a stunning brunette, just the kind of woman Savannah always suspected was his type.

When Alexandra Puckett asks her help in figuring out a way to stop Maybelle Driscoll from marrying Alex’s father Steven, Savannah jumps on the chance. It’ll give her something to think about other than Rafe and the mysterious Carmen, and anyway, she doesn’t like Maybelle much herself.

Between investigating Maybelle’s past, helping her clients Aislynn and Kylie buy a house, and stalking Carmen and Rafe, she soon has her hands full. And that’s before someone starts gunning for her. Suddenly it’s not a question of unwrapping anything on Christmas morning anymore; it’s a question of whether she’ll even survive to see another Christmas.

If there ever was a love story that needed to be told, this was it. I devoured every sentence, every paragraph, every page and every chapter of this heart-warming mystery. The mystery kept me turning the pages and the author did a great job in delivering the story I’ve been waiting for—the accumulation of a romance that started in book one and has captivated me since. If this series has to end, then it ended on a high note, as this is the best book in this charmingly appealing series.

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