Monkey Wrench by Terri Thayer is the fourth book in the “Quilting” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, May 2012

Dewey Pellicano’s quilt shop has earned a spot in the annual Quilter’s Crawl, and twenty-something employee Vangie has organized a trendy Twitter promotion to boost sales at the struggling store. But when Vangie’s boyfriend dies from an overdose, it’s up to Dewey to get her young staffer off the hook for homicide.

Meanwhile, the store’s quilting teacher Pearl takes in a college-age “GrandSon,” who turns out to be a real pill. As if Dewey didn’t have enough on her plate, she’s blamed when a customer is killed during a Twitter-induced stampede. Putting together the pieces to save her skin—and her store— is a real monkey wrench in Dewey’s murderously busy shop-hop weekend.

Dewey has her hands full with her participation in this year’s Quilter’s Crawl and with two of her friends, Pearl and Vangie, who are not acting like themselves lately. When Vangie’s boyfriend is found dead and a customer dies during one of their events, Dewey will have to pin the pieces together to save her friends and put an end to a killer’s plan.

What a fun ride! This was a good mystery filled with humor; suspense and non-stop action as the story took place all over San Jose. The author’s words gave me the same rush of the customers as they traveled from quilt shop to quilt shop, never knowing what’s going to happen next. It was fun seeing Dewey, Buster and especially Freddie and the rest of the supporting cast. I do enjoy their interactions and conversations with each other that make this an entertaining read. It’s been a long time between visits with Dewey and I hope she is here to stay for more exciting adventures in this wonderfully crafted series.

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