A day in my life? Really? I’ve got news for you, Dru, there’s really not an awful lot to talk about. That is, unless you love antique buttons the way I do. When the subject is buttons, I can talk for hours. But something tells me you–and your readers–might not be into the intricacies of things like moonglows, realistics and rubber buttons. Not the way I am.

You see, I own the Button Box, a sweet little shop in a converted Chicago brownstone, and the Midwest’s premier destination for antique and collectible buttons. I’ve got hundreds of thousands of the little darlings in my inventory, and in my free time, I write articles for button magazines and appear as a speaker at button conventions.

Oh, that other thing?

All right, I admit it.

I also investigate murders.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. People dropping dead when I’m around, that’s not exactly an everyday occurrence. In fact, it’s only happened twice.

The first time I looked into a murder was when Hollywood star, Kate Franciscus, got murdered in my shop. No, I am not the nosey type who figured I could push the cops out of the way and take over their investigation. In fact, I wouldn’t have gotten involved at all if detective Nevin Riley (yes, he’s cute, even if he is a little Columbo-ish) didn’t ask for my help. You see, there was a button found under Kate’s body. And it wasn’t one from my collection. The cops needed a button expert, and there I was. Too bad the killer had other things in mind…like keeping my lip buttoned–permanently.

These days, I’ve had a chance to get involved with homicide a second time. That story will be told in HOT BUTTON, a book that debuts on June 5. I won’t go into details, but I can tell you this, it starts out with me chairing a convention of the International Society of Antique and Vintage Button collectors.

And ends with our guest of honor dead in the hotel’s linen room.

What with malfunctioning equipment at the conference, attendees pretending to be people they’re not, and my ex (he’s a hunk, even if he’s an annoying hunk) showing up because he needs a huge favor, it’s a wonder I have time for investigating, let alone buttons.

This case has special significance. You see, Thad Wyant (see above: linen room, guest of honor, dead) was the owner of the one and only known to exist Geronimo button. I know, I know . . .I’m slipping into button talk here, and you’ll have to excuse me. Here’s the story:

Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Geronimo, the great Native American warrior, was a prisoner of the US government. He was also something of a celebrity. Though he was never allowed to return to his native Arizona, Geronimo was an Indian rock star. He appeared in Wild West shows, he rode in President Theodore Roosevelt’s inaugural parade.

He was also pretty darned smart.

When curious visitors came to see him, Geronimo sold them the buttons off his shirt. That night, he’d sew new buttons on and the next day, he’d sell those. By the time he died, he had amassed quite a fortune.

All because of his buttons.

You can see where I’m going here, right? Thad owned one of those buttons, and when Thad is killed, that button goes missing. This time, I’ve got a real mess on my hands. I’ve not only got to find out who offed the world’s most annoying guest of honor, but I’ve got to find out what happened to that button.

It’s historic, after all, and just thinking about it makes the button nerd in me tingle from head to toe.

But then, buttons always do that to me.

And if you want to talk buttons . . .

** Thanks to the publisher, I have one (1) copy of HOT BUTTON to give away. Contest open to residents of the US only. Contest ends June 16. Leave a valid-email address with your comment. The book will be shipped directly from the publisher. **

Meet the author
Kylie Logan has found a unique way to combine two of her favorite things: mysteries and antique buttons. She’s the author of the Button Box mystery series, about a woman who owns a shop that specializes in buttons and is also an amateur sleuth. To date, there are two books in the series, Button Holed and HOT BUTTON. Book #3, Panic Button, will be published in January 2013.

As Casey Daniels, Kylie also writes the Pepper Martin mysteries and as Miranda Bliss, she wrote the Cooking Class mysteries. Kylie began her career writing historical romance. She has also written contemporary romance, YA and a children’s book. One thing all her books have in common is a love of plots that include plenty of twists and turns.

She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in northeast Ohio with her husband, a lovable (if not very bright) Airedale named Ernie and a foster Jack Russell who showed up nine years ago and has yet to leave.

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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