Bead Of Doubt by Tonya Kappes is a short story prequel to the “Divorced Diva” mystery series. December 2011

Holly Harper’s life is finally getting back on the right track after her divorce from “what’s his name.” She and a group of divorcees have formed a strong bond plotting creative ways to get back at their exes by creating a self-help group known as The Divorced Divas where the meeting are held in Holly’s bead store, The Beaded Dragonfly.

There’s more than just beading going on when Diva Marlene’s rare Spinet Yellow Diamond goes missing and Holly was the last one to see it, or so they thought.

Get to know and fall in love with each one of the Divas starting with Bead Of Doubt, A Divorced Diva Mini-Mystery, the prequel to Strung Out To Die, A Divorced Diva Mystery Novel.

This prequel and short story was a fun read featuring divorced divas and a missing precious stone and I look forward to the first book in this exciting new series.

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