Hmmmm, this should be interesting. Not. I’m pretty boring. I get up, say hey to Mr. Wong (the dead guy living in the corner of my living room), have a short but torrid affair with Mr. Coffee, drink whatever is left of him, then I either get dressed to do some hard-ish core investigating or I stay in my pajamas and watch the Buy From Home channel. They have designer underwear and bracelets and crap. But since Cookie, my best friend who moonlights as my receptionist, canceled my in-store credit card, it’s not as much fun. It’s like window shopping on Fifth Avenue with 50 cents to your name, depressing and unproductive.

This is usually about the time I get a visit from a dead person wanting me to solve his or her murder, or from a live person wanting me to find their missing spouse. Or sibling. Or dog. I get a lot of dogs. I also get a lot of cheating spouses. It’s weird how appreciative they aren’t when I tell them they were right, their spouse was cheating. If they didn’t want to know, why hire me? People get so testy when they see pictures of their spouses having sex with their best friends. In the backseat of their car. Several times. It’s a dirty job.

Every now and then, I assist the Albuquerque PD with a case. My uncle is a detective and he hires me when he’s hit a brick wall and needs my immortal genius to solve a crime. Or my ability to chat with the departed. They are all kinds of helpful when I threaten to exorcise them to another dimension. They are also gullible.

Then there is my arch nemesis. Or my lover, depending on your perspective. He’s the son of evil incarnate and, yeah, he’s hot. You would be too if you’d been forged in the fires of sin. He’s like chocolate covered heroin and when he looks at me with those shimmering brown eyes of his, I can’t help but remember what he can do with his mouth. It sends a tremor straight to my core.

But I digress. Like I said, my life is pretty boring. Unless you count the times I’ve been shot at, stabbed, tossed around, tortured . . .

Never mind.

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