by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Christmas is my favorite time of year…

*I get to bake for hours on end, deliverin’ my creations to my friends in adorable holiday tins that are guaranteed to put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces (even my twin sister Leona’s).

*I get to spoil my seven (soon to be eight) grandchildren more than I already do.

*And, most importantly, I get to decorate—my house and all of downtown Sweet Briar.

That’s right, all those garland wrapped streetlamps you’ve seen along the town square the past decade or so has been my doin’. In one magical night, while everyone is sleepin’, my little elves (a.k.a. a team of about a dozen or so able-bodied men who remember sittin’ ’round my table eatin’ homemade chocolate chip cookies when they were no higher ’n my knee) scurry ’round, helpin’ me transform Sweet Briar into something out of a Dickens novel.

The result is the kind of smiles that make all those bow-tyin’, cookie-bakin’, streetlamp-wrappin’ hours worth it a million times over.

My sister, of course, thinks I’m crazier than a hornet nest, but I don’t mind. I know she secretly enjoys the results every bit as much as everyone else in my beloved town.

But all that—all the plannin’, all the decoratin’, all them smiles—came to a screeching halt this year on account of one woman. Or, rather, one Grinch.

Her official name is Maime Wellington. But Leona and me? We call her The Grinch on account of her stealin’ the Sweet Briar Holiday Decoratin’ Committee right out from under my nose.

Leona is fit to be tied.

So, too, is Rose (the matriarch of our sewing circle)…though, that might be because Leona hornswoggled her into bein’ on Maime’s—I mean, The Grinch’s—new committee.

And Me? I’m just sad.

Because in addition to doin’ away with my annual Santa event and all my bow-topped garland-wrapped streetlamps, Maime—I mean, The Grinch—has pulled the plug on the tree lightin’ ceremony, too.

The tree lightin’ ceremony… Can you believe it?

Anyway, I heard some whisperin’ the other night ’bout a plan. Somethin’ Leona and Rose are plottin’ as a way to overthrow Maime—I mean, The Grinch.

But here’s the thing. They’ve gotta quit their bickerin’ first. And that’s a feat I liken to tryin’ to make chicken salad out of chicken feathers.

LET IT SEW—the 7th book in the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series—is now available. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll enjoy helping the ladies solve a decades-old crime while simultaneously trying to rid Sweet Briar of its very own Grinch.

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Meet the author
Elizabeth is the national bestselling author of the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series, and the Amish Mysteries (the latter written as Laura Bradford) with Berkley Prime Crime. In addition to her mysteries, she is also an award winning romance author under the Bradford name. To learn more, visit her websites: or

For more information on LET IT SEW (as well as a peek at the book’s first chapter), visit:

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