Grounds to Killby Wendy Roberts

Working in a coffee shop isn’t so bad. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I get to work with Mitch and that’s a coaster ride of wit made even more fun because he’s so easy on the eyes. You might even say that serving up lattes and frappes and keeping the people of Seattle well-caffeinated is my calling. I wish it was my only one.

My other calling has to do with a little something called “automatic writing”. It means that I channel an unknown spirit from the great beyond. That spirit has me write messages. Basically I’m a misguided stenographer. It would be an awesome claim to fame and phenomenal party trick if only I could summon it at will, or if it would give me with winning lottery numbers. Instead, my spirit guide has horrible timing and a misguided sense of humor. Other mediums may channel a spirit and spout profound advice or spiritual guidance while in a graceful trance. Mine, on the other hand, signals that it has a message by creating an intense itch in my left hand. It’s feels like the palm of my hand has a yeast infection and then someone covered it with fire ants. Fun, right? The itching doesn’t let up until I take down the message with whatever writing instrument is handy.

I like to refer to my spirit guide as Hand of Doom, or HOD for short. And my latest profound statement from HOD announced that my sexy boyfriend, Arthur, is sleeping around with my arch enemy Misty Nichols. Did I mention Misty is my half-sister?

So how did I react when I got the message that Arthur was diddling Misty? I freaked out, of course! I won’t go into details but let’s just say there was poop involved (yes poop). It wasn’t pretty.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Misty had to go and turn up dead. It doesn’t take the Seattle PD long to come sniffing around a certain scorned barista. As if that wasn’t bad enough, that isn’t even my biggest problem.

It’s my dad.

He’s been hanging around outside the coffee shop where I work. He’s the homeless guy who panhandles across the street. At first, I don’t even tell Mitch that the guy’s my dad because I’m equal parts embarrassed and defensive. Soon the Seattle PD begins nosing around my father and collecting evidence and it becomes obvious that Dad is their prime suspect. I just can’t believe Dad had motive to kill Misty.

That’s when I have to call in the big guns; my best friends, Beth and Mallory. In an effort to solve Misty’s murder the three of us embark on a journey through the psychic yellow pages. We start visiting crazy clairvoyants and follow a trail that has us chasing bag ladies and interviewing prostitutes. However, we all should’ve read more Nancy Drew books because we are horrible at sleuthing.

When it looks like Seattle PD are about to arrest my father, it leaves me no choice but to try and work with my Hand of Doom. Maybe making nice-nice with my spirit guide will lead me to who really killed Misty. The biggest trick will be to uncover the truth without winding up dead myself.

You can read more about Jen in GROUNDS TO KILL, the first book in the new “Barista” paranormal cozy mystery series.

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Meet the author
WENDY ROBERTS is an armchair sleuth and a fan of all things mysterious. She lives in British Columbia, with four teens, a tenacious terrier and a sluggish guinea pig. Wendy is the author of GROUNDS TO KILL published by Carina Press as well as the Ghost Dusters series published by Penguin. You can visit her on the Web at and follow her on Twitter.

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