Assaulted PretzelAssaulted Pretzel by Laura Bradford is the second book in the “Amish” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, March 2013

Claire Weatherly found the simple life she always wanted when she opened a gift shop in Heavenly, Pennsylvania—a small town in the heart of Amish country. But when murder disrupts her Heavenly home, it’s up to Claire and Detective Jakob Fisher to find the not-so-simple truth.

The quiet town of Heavenly is buzzing with excitement over the latest guests at the local inn, Sleep Heavenly. Toy manufacturer Rob Karble is in town to meet the members of the Amish community who will soon be crafting a new toy line for his company. But when word gets out that Karble intends to use the Amish designs without employing the Amish to make them, someone sends the interloper to his final reward.

No one wants to believe anyone from the Amish community could commit such an act, but as Claire and Detective Fisher have learned, no one is above sin—or suspicion.

Laura Bradford is one of those authors that leave you with a smile and wanting more after reading one of her stories. In the latest Amish series, the people in Heavenly are excited about a new opportunity, that is until a businessman’s decision takes it all away, and so does a killer with his life. What a great read that had me devouring page after page as I had to know it all ends. I loved how the pace of this mystery played out in this cleverly written drama that put me right in the scenes with Claire as her deductive reasoning put her closer to the killer’s identity. Claire is a terrific lead in a lovable cast of characters with great conversations in a small-town atmosphere. The relationship that Claire has with her aunt and friends is what draws me to this charmingly appealing series and I can’t wait for my next visit in Heavenly, Pennsylvania.

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