The Good Bad Witchyby Heather Blake

Ever since I found out I was a witch, a Wishcrafter, and moved to the Enchanted Village –a neighborhood of Salem, Massachusetts, my life has changed drastically. Never mind all the witchy stuff. Oh no. That’s the least of my concerns these days. The bigger problem is my newfound ability to find dead bodies. There have been several murders since I’ve arrived (coincidental, I swear), and I’ve managed to play a role in solving them all.

The most recent homicide, however, came with a bit of an issue…

The dead man, an Illumicrafter, “imprinted” on me. Meaning…his ghost attached to me until I figure out who killed him. Talk about pressure.

So here are my five tips to know whether you’re being haunted…

  1. You suddenly feel like there’s a physical presence surrounding you. But you can’t see anyone. It’s like a literal weight on your shoulders.
  2. You talk aloud in an empty room (or car) and get a response—in my case, my imprinter communicated through glowing (Illumicrafters are like human Glo Worms).
  3. The creepy insistent nudging you feel guiding you in certain directions isn’t just your overactive imagination.
  4. You walk bump into an invisible mass of goo and realize your ghostly friend is hot. Burning hot. Literally.
  5. You start to feel overly-attached to your “imaginary” friend.

I can’t say being haunted was the worst experience, especially not after–well, I won’t ruin it for you. Let’s just say that being haunted has its benefits…

Thanks to the publisher, I have one (1) copy of THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WITCHY to give away. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. The book will be shipped directly from the publisher. Contest ends April 12; US entries only per publisher’s request.

You can read more about Darcy in The Good, the Bad and the Witchy, the third book in the “Wishcraft” mystery series. The first book in the series is It Takes a Witch.

Meet the author
Heather Blake (aka Heather Webber) is the author of more than a dozen novels and has been twice nominated for an Agatha Award. She’s a total homebody who loves to be close to her family, read, watch reality TV (especially cooking competition shows), drink too much coffee, crochet, bake (mostly cookies), and occasionally leave the house to travel to the beautiful mountains in the northeast. Heather grew up in a suburb of Boston, but currently she lives in the Cincinnati area with her family and is hard at work on her next book. Visit Heather at her website or on Facebook.

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