CovetThere’s not a lot that scares me. Yeah, I know. That sounds a bit egotistical but believe me, it’s not. And I’ll tell you why.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too much or been involved with too much. I’m an ex-Marine that now works for a professional military corporation called PROs. And don’t bother to call me a merc. That’s not who I am. I’m just a guy who needs to make rights out of wrongs, and working for PROs is the best way I can do it. I command ops for a living. I’ve been airdropped into the middle of conflicts with no food or water. Just a rucksack on my back and a rifle on my arm, commanding a team of men full of ego and swagger who have to take down the enemy.

I’ve known a man, Galen, who’s been after the love of my life, Lottie, for longer than you can imagine. I’ve known him for over twelve thousand years. Yep. You read that right. It’s a long story, made longer by the fact that he’s as hungry for Lottie as I am. And because he and Lottie have a history that can’t easily be easily explained—or ignored—well, that makes things even harder.

And I have a boss that no one’s ever met. Rumor has it that if you do meet her, you end up dead. She’s a tough lady. Fair. Sometimes annoying because she’s always one step ahead of you, knowing exactly what you’re going to say or do before it’s even a full-formed thought in your head.

So you can see why I don’t scare easily. Except when it comes to one thing. And I’m going to face that one thing today.

Yesterday, I came home from commanding another op. I was exhausted and sporting a fresh wound on my shoulder. Lottie was waiting for me in some slinky black thing that left little to my imagination. Her eyes darkened when she saw me, then widened when she saw the days-old sutures. I hadn’t seen her in almost a month and I’d missed her like hell, and judging from the hunger in her mouth and the fever on her skin, she’d missed me just as much.

I should have known something was up when she mumbled stuff about what we were going to do that afternoon. But I was tired, and we were wrapped up in each other, and I wasn’t thinking straight. Lottie had a way of doing that to me.

See, here’s the thing. Lottie is my life. She’s in my blood and my soul. She keeps me grounded and she’s the only woman I’ve ever truly loved. I live and breathe for Lottie. Would do pretty much anything she asked without hesitation. Except for this one thing because this one thing often made me want to run in the other direction. Not because it was life threatening or sketchy or tedious. In fact, there was a lot of love involved with this one thing. It meant well but it had a way of embarrassing me sometimes, and not giving me enough personal space when I needed it. This one thing also kept trying to read my mind, and many times got it wrong.

So Lottie and I were nestled beneath a blanket while a fire roared and crackled beside us. Lottie stroked her fingers across my chest. Whispered things that were meant only for me. And just as my limbs grew heavy and sleep started moving in, she said the words that made my eyes fly open and my skin break out into a sweat.

“We’re going to your mother’s for dinner.”

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Meet the author
Terri Herman–Poncé looks for any opportunity to make stuff up. Born on Long Island, New York, she thinks anything that can’t so easily be explained is worth an extra look and often makes a great story. She loves red wine, sunrises, Ancient Egypt, and the New York Yankees. The youngest of five children, Terri lives with her husband and son on Long Island. In her next life, if she hasn’t moved on to somewhere else, Terri wants to be an astronomer. She’s fascinated with the night skies almost as much as she’s fascinated with Ancient Egypt.

Terri is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and Romance Writers of America. You can read about Terri and her stories at and can find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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