robin spanoDeath’s Last Run by Robin Spano is the third book in the “Clare Vengel Undercover” mystery series. Publisher: ECW Press, May 2013

A young snowboarder turns up dead on the Blackcomb Glacier. The local police are calling it suicide, but the victim’s mother, a U.S. senator, is not convinced. At the senator’s request, the FBI sends in undercover agent Clare Vengel to infiltrate the world of ski bums and snow bunnies and find out what happened to Sacha. Clare soon discovers that not only was the victim involved in an LSD smuggling ring, but also the uncooperative top cop in town is in cahoots with the smugglers. With her cover dangerously close to being blown Clare must solve the case before she finds herself in the deep freeze permanently.

I have to tell you, I’ve read the first two books in this series, but this third one is the best one yet. Clare goes undercover and what she must do to protect her identity was very interesting and I liked how the author portrayed that moment. I love the way each chapter features a character with a continuous flow where not one scene is missed is a testament to a great writing style. This is an intensely riveting drama that I could not put down and kept me on my toes as the search for the truth escalated to a surprising revelation. Clare’s free-spiritedness sometimes gets her into trouble in both her professional and personal life, but she is lucky to be surrounded by a great cast of characters who accept her for what she is. Again, this is a great read and I look forward to Clare’s next adventure.

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