Heard Through GrapevineHey, y’all, I thought I’d drop by today and introduce myself since I am one of the main characters in Lizbeth Lipperman’s new mystery series titled “A Dead Sister Talking” debuting the first part of May from Midnight Ink.

My name is Tessa Moretti, and I own half of one of the biggest vineyards and wineries in Vineyard, Texas. Well, I did own it, but now that I’m dead I willed it to my sister Lainey to oversee until my daughter is old enough to take over.

Yep, you heard me right. I’m deader than a doornail to everyone but Lainey who hasn’t talked to me in over nine years. At the funeral home, I showed up and scared the crap out of her. Of all my siblings, Lord only knows why she’s the one who can see and hear me. The other three sisters thought she was batty until I revealed secrets about each one. Freaked them all out.

They wanted to know why I hadn’t gone to the great vineyard beyond, and my answer was pretty simple. I wanted them to find my killer. Now that’s a crazy idea to begin with since one sister answers the phone at the police station, one is the activities director at a nursing home, one’s an obstetrical resident, and Lainey is a TV morning talk show host in Savannah. Not great resumes for solving a murder, but hey, I was desperate.

Coming up with a list of possible suspects was the first order of business, complicated by the fact that there were a lot of people in town who weren’t exactly tearful over my death. Seems I have a penchant for making people mad. They say I’m a smart ass, but I look at it as calling it like it is.

At the top of the list of people who wanted me dead was my second husband Jerry, who is now married to an ex-porn star. Think that wasn’t dicey when he brought her back to Vineyard which is situated smack in the center of the Bible Belt? Then there’s the Houston oilman who, I swear, couldn’t score in a monkey whorehouse with a bagful of bananas.

There are just too many people out there who celebrated when I was murdered. I needed my sisters to find out which one of them actually did the deed.

I’d tell you, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. However, you can check it out when HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE debuts this month.

Lizbeth is giving away one (1) copy of HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. Contest ends May 10 and US entries only.

You can read more about Tessa in Heard It Through The Grapevine, the first book in the new “Dead Sister Talking” mystery series.

Meet the author
Liz Lipperman started writing many years ago, even before she retired from the medical profession. Wasting many years thinking she was a romance writer but always having to deal with the pesky villains who kept popping up in all her stories, she finally gave up and decided since she read mysteries and obviously wrote them, why fight it? She now calls what she writes Romantic Mystery (RM) since there is always a little romance involved. Two years ago, she signed her first contract with Berkley to write a cozy series called “The Clueless Cook Mysteries.”

Having lived in Taiwan and Saudi Arabia, she and her HS sweetheart hubby now reside north of Dallas. When she’s not writing, she spends her time doting on her four wonderful grandchildren. She writes the Clueless Cook Mystery Series for Berkley Prime Crime, the Dead Sister Talking Mysteries for Midnight Ink and her romantic suspense/mysteries are available on Amazon.

Visit Lizbeth at www.lizlipperman.com, Twitter or on Facebook.

Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

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