Long LostLong Lost by Linda Castillo is a short story based on the “Kate Burkholder” thriller series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, May 2013

It’s autumn in Painters Mill, and Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and John Tomasetti are taking a much-needed vacation at a small bed and breakfast an hour outside of town. After closing a difficult case, they’re looking forward to some down time, but their relaxation is cut short by rumors that the old house where they’re staying is haunted by a girl who disappeared twenty years earlier, leaving nothing behind but some bloody clothes by the river and rumors of a volatile relationship. Swept up in the girl’s story, and a need for justice, Kate and John begin looking into the mysterious disappearance of Angela Blaine. They discover long-buried secrets—and unravel a mystery with an unexpected outcome.

Linda has done it again. She’s written a riveting story that had me quickly turning the pages as I had to know what happens next. Kate and John are at their best as they tackle a twenty-year mystery with surprising results. This was a great read with two of the strongest and intense characters I know and I eagerly await the next book after having read a sneak peek.

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