root of all troubleThe Root Of All Trouble by Heather Webber is the 7th book in the “Nina Quinn” mystery series. Publisher: Blue Dandelion Press, April 2013


When a spring storm rolls through Freedom, Ohio, landscape designer Nina Quinn expects to get her hands dirty with the mess left behind.

But after high winds uproot a tree, revealing the corpse of a man inside its rotted hollow, Nina quickly realizes that cleaning up after Mother Nature’s fury is the least of her worries.

It soon becomes clear that there is no lack of suspects in the man’s untimely death. As a shady contractor and philanderer, he’d angered a lot of people before he disappeared, including some of Nina’s closest friends.

With the help of her police detective ex-husband, a mysterious coroner’s investigator, her formerly-felonious employees and her zany neighbors, Nina sets out to uncover a killer…before another victim ends up planted six feet under.

I love, love, love this book. Nina is back and this time she’s not alone. A murder, a long ago friend, an expectant sister and an ex-husband surrounds Nina in the latest case where a home remodeling goes wrong when a body is found.

This is a fun read that I enjoyed immensely. Nina is at her best when she is putting the pieces together to inch closer to the digging up a killer’s identity. This fast-paced and action-filled whodunit was both engaging and entertaining from beginning to end. Nina is a perfect heroine with her own vulnerabilities that has me rooting for her in all that she does. With a superb cast of eccentric characters and great dialogue, this is a must read for all Nina fans.

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