Little Black Book of MurderDarlings, imagine my delight when my sister Nora Blackbird told me there are readers out there who love me—Libby!—more than any other Blackbird sister! Well, of course, I understand women who—like moi–seek spiritual growth and corporeal adventure and try not to let current fads in body image make us feel any less beautiful than we truly are.

Lately, Nora has more adventure than I do. You know she works for the Philadelphia Intelligencer, a newspaper that—well, let’s just say their star has fallen a bit. Nora is normally the society columnist—that is, she attends parties and takes photos of lovely dresses and handsome men and old rich people who give money to good causes. But recently, a brash new editor came aboard the sinking ship that is the Intelligencer, and he ordered Nora to cut back on reporting on parties and start helping to sell newspapers by interviewing celebrities like the Real Housewives of the Main Line. Next thing you know, she’s chatting up Swain Starr, the diminutive, but iconic American fashion designer.

Well, you won’t believe it, but suddenly Swain got himself murdered! And Nora’s editor wants her to solve the case before the police do.

I say, Nora should be interviewing the new editor because—hold onto your panties, ladies—he’s Australian! Very Hugh Jackman, with a little Russell Crowe thrown in. In other words? A total hottie. A little temperamental, and there’s a slightly rough side to him that I absolutely—well, never mind about me. I hope Nora steers clear of him, but you know she has a weakness for bad boys.

Do boys come any badder than That Man of Hers? You know who I mean. He’s the son of Big Frankie Abruzzo, who is—well, darlings, there’s only one say to say it. He’s a mob boss. Whoever would guess that a descendent of the proud Philadelphia Blackbirds is seeing a criminal!

Nora has her hands full with That Man, but who else is causing problems in our Blackbird world but my own son, Rawlins? What has happened to my darling boy? One minute he was begging to play Quidditch, and now he’s suddenly interested in girls! And he may be in deep trouble. The less said about that, the better. Our youngest sister Emma is also stretching the sisterly bond to the max, but I can’t jeopardize my own psychological well-being every time one of my nearest and dearest gets into a scrape, can I? So I hope Nora comes through again. She’s very resourceful.

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Meet the author
Nancy Martin is the author of nearly 50 popular fiction novels in many genres. Her first mystery, How To Murder A Millionaire was an Agatha nominee and won the Best First Mystery of 2002 from Romantic Times magazine. She has written nine Blackbird Sisters Mysteries and two Roxy Abruzzo Mysteries. She has served on the board of Sisters in Crime and is a founding member of Pennwriters. In 2009, she was awarded the lifetime achievement award for mystery writing from Romantic Times. She lives in Pittsburgh and is the proud grandmother of three. Find her on Facebook and for more information, visit her website at

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