Remnants of MurderMy name is Dixie Dunn, I’m in my seventies, and I’ve outlived my usefulness.


That’s right, I’ve been kicked to the curb for the second time in as many years for one reason and one reason only: Winston Hohlbrook, the director of the Sweet Briar Public Library in Sweet Briar South Carolina, thinks I’m old. Too old to do the job—or even assist the job—I held for more than four-and-a-half decades.

Isn’t that a fine how-do-you-do?

This time, though, I’m not going to spend my time blaming everyone around me for Winston’s close-minded thinking. And I sure as heck ain’t going to give him so much as one minute of my time as a volunteer, either.

He wants me gone, I’m gone. There are lots of other businesses and organizations that will not only value my time but also my hard work and attention to detail.

Take for instance my new position as a driver for the Home Fare folks. I deliver healthy meals to a list of housebound individuals. My eye for punctuality means no one misses a meal on my watch. My vast knowledge gleaned from my years as a librarian makes me a perfect conversationalist for people who spend most of their time being lonely and forgotten. And my keen observation skills translate to an added measure of safety for my clients—because if something is amiss, I’ll notice.

In short, my new job is a lifesaver.

Or, at least, was a lifesaver until I found my first client dead…

Now all I need to do is convince everyone I’m still lucid enough to know the difference between a natural death and murder.

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Meet the author
Remnants Of Murder, the eighth book in the bestselling “Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries” by Elizabeth Lynn Casey—is now available! To learn more about the series and/or read the first chapter of REMNANTS OF MURDER, visit: Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the pen name of author, Laura Bradford (, who is best known for the Amish Mysteries.

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