Seed No EvilSeed No Evil by Kate Collins is the 14th book in the “Flower Shop” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, August 2013

It’s finally time to say, “I do!” As long as I can keep my mom out of jail long enough to get her to the ceremony….

Someone’s Biting Mad.

Abby Knight’s wedding is in less than two weeks, and everything is going wrong. The cooler in her flower shop is leaking, her neck has swollen to unnatural proportions, her groom is acting distant, and she still doesn’t know where she’s actually getting married!

But things go from bad to worse when the director of her favorite charity, Protecting Animal Rights, is murdered, and Abby’s mother becomes the main suspect. Abby’s wedding worries will have to wait until she—along with her fiancé, Marco, and an adorable mutt named Seedy—can nose out who wanted the animal activist put to sleep. But they’ll have to sort through the long list of suspects quickly, or her mom may be tossed in the slammer before Abby tosses the bouquet….

I love this book.

Everyone is accounted for in the latest happenings in New Chapel, Indiana. Abby and Marco are on the case when Abby’s mother finds a dead body at the shelter she works at and become the main suspect. It’s up to Abby and Marco to find someone with a strong motive to kill, this while Abby is preparing for her wedding with small obstacles creeping up.

With a good mystery that quickly became a page-turner, some comic relief with Jillian and her pregnancy and her mother’s loss of creativity, this was truly an ensemble of characters coming together to push our Abby to show her strength in getting down to the business of clearing her mother to the big day and what a good read this was. Filled with engaging conversations, humor, romance and a tightly woven mystery, this is the best book ever, bringing me to tears at the touching conclusion. With a new beginning for Abby and Marco, I can’t wait to read the next book in this delightfully entertaining series.

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